Shed Run 2018 ~ 1080p HD

LuLu and the Black Sheep "Drunken Fool"

This years fall run turned out to be better than I thought it would. Friday night we ripped over to "Bill's Cycles" for food and live music by "The Outbound Train" The weather wasn't that bad at all the entire weekend, Plenty of sunshine and high of 65 during the day and low of 35 at night with zero rain. Quite a few backed out but overall it was a great time with a smaller crowd. Just enough folks to gather around the huge fire thanks to Mikey Revolt who kept it blazing while we listened to some new tunes performed by "LuLu and the Black Sheep". We stuffed our bellies with pork and green chili stew, bacon burnt ends, brisket and pulled pork courtesy of "The Bucking Pig". Other than that...we were all just a bunch of drunken fools having a great time camping and stoked to ride our choppers outside of the city where you can actually enjoy the fucking things instead of worrying about being run over by cages. 
Thanks again for those who came out and supported the run and didn't puss out. 
See you in 2019!