Sunday Tunes

Outlaw Country / Classic Rock
Orleans ~ Stoned
Tom Rush ~ Cocaine
David Allan Coe ~ Penitentiary Blues
The Happen-Ins ~ The Kids Don't Dance
Blaze Foley ~ Big Cheeseburgers and Good French Fries
Fred Eaglesmith ~ Trucker Speed
Jessi Colter ~ Why You Been Gone so Long
Steppenwolf ~ The Pusher
Town Mountain ~ I'm On Fire
Cactus ~ Feel So Bad
Colter Wall ~ Motorcycle

Daily Bread

SOLD ~ Mid Tunnel Wassell

CCC Paint
New Lander Turquoise Stone 
Buffalo Nickel Gas Cap ~ Speed Dealer Customs

Jake Silver's '59 Panhead

Photography By: Michael Lichter
Chemical Candy Paint

Sunday Tunes

Industrial/New Wave/Rock
Gary Numan ~ Metal
Nitzer Ebb ~ Lightning Man
King Dude ~ Lucifer's the Light of the World
The Cars ~ Double Life
Soft Kill ~ Whirl
Paul Cary ~ Coyote
The Cure ~ A Forest
Ministry ~ Every Day Is Halloween
Nine Inch Nails ~ The Only Time
Tom Vek ~ If You Want