Steve Earle 1976

From the film: Heartworn Highways


Matthew J. Aims Photography

Matthew is based out of New Jersey, but that doesn't limit him from traveling with his camera. He has been internationally published in a multitude of magazines for both boudoir and motorcycle photography. Matthew was also nominated and on the ballot for Cycle Source mag 2014 Motorcycle Artist of the year.

In the beginnings of his photographic journey, he had his heart set on becoming a editorial and commercial portrait photographer, feeling that would allow him to be as creative as he wanted to be. Matthew has no former photographic education and he's completely self taught. He began studying the masters as well as great, modern photographers of today in his free time. Studying them pointed him in the right direction to learn the ins and outs of photography, as well as the rules to follow and the rules to break.

Not long after, his life long passion for vintage chopper motorcycles and hot rods began to merge with his love for photography. Matthew started combining classic portrait compositions and lighting techniques to motorcycle photography which gave him the opportunity to create unique and dynamic portraits of machines that he had noticed many others were bringing to the game.

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Kris Kristofferson

Border Lord

Darkness had us covered when we split from Minnesota in the morning
In the rain
Black as I was feeling and the street was slick and shiny as a snake
Each of us was a-humming to a half forgotten echo
Hangin' over in the brain
Tappin' time and thinking of the time we never had the time to take
Losing to the rising cost of living high and loving hard
And leavin' every yesterday behind
Learning every bridge you cross, is burning down before you're off and running
Like the devil just in time

Breakin' any ties before they bind you
Taking any comfort you can find
Running like you're running out of time
Take it all-take it easy-till it's over-understanding
When you're headin' for the border lord
You're bound to cross the line
Good lookin' women every time you stumble
Waitin' there to catch you when you fall
Gettin' to you bad enough to let em
Keep you backin' up till just before your back's against the wall

Breakin' any ties before they bind you
Takin' any comfort you can find
Runnin' like you're runnin' out of time
Take it all-take it easy-till it's over-understanding
When you're headin' for the border lord
You're bound to cross the line 

Daily Bread

Ehinger Craftrad

Uwe Ehinger

I finally got a close look at one of Uwe's builds at Born Free 7 this year and let me just say... this guy is a perfectionist! Clean, timeless and solid builds one after another.
He has been running the company EHINGER KRAFTRAD since 2008 with Katrin Oeding; she is a designer as well as his  partner in life and in business. With a manufactory’s standards of technological perfection and creative courage, they develop design concepts together for motorcycles, motorcycle parts and fashion with unique and innovative solutions that are then realized with precision, in the highest quality and with a minimalist design in close collaboration with selected partners. Katrin is the designer. Uwe is the engineer and technical developer. An EHINGER KRAFTRAD product is always accompanied by a little piece of motorcycling history. For more information, please refer to...

This weeks site....

Mike Davis-Born Loser

I've been a huge fan of the (Born Loser) blog for many years so if you've never checked it out... click the link and stay a while. You just might find an old part you've been looking for or possibly a bike that catches your eye for sale.

They specialize in the buying, selling, trading and locating of rare, vintage and unique motorcycles, parts and other related goods. What you will get is their opinion, pictures, stuff for sale, a lot of self promotion, friends, music, events and some nudity.