Boogie East Chopper Show...Giveaway Tank

March 17th 2017
Annie Oakley's Saloon

Coming Soon...Dry Pearls

I'm proud to announce CCC has teamed up with  and will soon be releasing their first line of custom dry pearls. These pearls are 100% made in the USA. Painthuffer is very well known with their line of metalflakes so if you're a painter and don't know of them, check out the link and scoop some up. 





Check out to win this lid.
Shop their Black Friday Sale to enter

Chopper Supply Co.

Molded Wassell

This molded wassell tank will be painted up by myself and Richard from VNM Horsebites and given away to "Best of Show" at "Boogie East" Chopper Show in March. Stayed tuned for more info on the event.

The Flying Eyes

Red Sheets

Riders On The Norm - Podcast

Im stoked to have Wes out and sponsor during "Boogie East" Chopper Show.
If you haven't checked out his podcast, give it a listen. He will be set up during the event so stop by and give him your thoughts on the show.
Thanks again Wes for your support.