DEATH ~ SBG 1987

Black Bear Brand

The original Black Bear Brand had been part of the Pacific Northwest landscape for almost 100 years. Today, a union of persons are focused on a revived Black Bear Brand that is true to that heritage; one that strips away the diluted and mass-produced feel of other modern brands. It is a union focused on preserving the history, keeping the products simple, and keeping the story alive.

Coming Soon

Ladies Crop Top
Meredith Devine

Shed Run (Past to Present) HD 720p

Looking back to when I first started this little get together 13 years ago. I look forward to this more than any show out there and the company that comes with it. Thank you friends!

Anthony Hicks Art

Pretty rad to see my helmet design used in this killer painting from the mind of Anthony Hicks! 
You can purchase high quality prints or an original of Anthony's art HERE