De Luxe Retro Hand Controls...Want A set? Get Ready To Toss Out Some Coin For These Bitches!

De Luxe Retro motorcycle hand controls are direct replacements for the stock Harley levers or can be installed on any custom chopper, bobber and most custom motorcycles. These retro looking chopper motorcycle hand controls feature forged aluminum body and clamp, forged brass finned master cylinder lid and forged brass levers for a true old school look! These motorcycle hand controls feature a very distinctive design and perfectly match our Knurled Brass Grips, Vintage Grips, Vintage Forward Controls, Vintage Mid Controls or Vintage Foot Pegs. De Luxe Retro custom brakes have a 9/16” bore and can be used with single two piston brake caliper, four piston brake caliper, six piston brake caliper or dual two piston brake calipers. Brake control and clutch control are sold separately.