Help A Friend In Need!

Cody Biggs, A Very Good Friend Of Mine Was In A Serious Motorcycle Accident On Friday March 15th.  A Car Pulled Out In Front Of Him While On His 81 Shovel.  The Car Did Not See Him And He Had No Time To React So He T-boned The Car And Went Down Hard. He Broke Both Legs, Both Arms, Collapsed Lung, Broken Ribs, Amputated Foot And The List Goes On... He Needs All The Help He Can Get Right Now. He Is A Single Dad With A Four Year Old Little Girl. 

I Know Cody's Family Would Never Ask For Money Or Help From Outside Their Family But I Also Know They Have A Difficult Road Ahead And Could Use All The Help They Can Get.  Please Help Us Help Cody And His Daughter Joey Get Through This Difficult Time By Donating What You Can. The Money Will Go Directly To Things Like His House Payment, Car Payment, Groceries, Ect, While He Is Unable To Work.

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