Help Out A Friend In Need

Cody update: Today is day 13 in the hospital. It has been a long ride with lots of ups and downs. Just when you think he is out of the woods for the hard stuff, there is another bump in the road. First his medical update: Cody's right foot really took a hard hit and has been a major concern. Monday, they decided it best to amputate. At this point - they have taken about half his foot leaving his heal and ball of foot, which is better than loosing it from the ankle. The rehab can be quicker and prosthetic not as complex. We saw his X-rays and WOW..... his breaks in his arms and legs are not just one clean break but it looks more like if you shattered a vase on the ground and tried to super glue it back together. BUT...... the foot (what's left) is healing and the arms/legs/ribs are also healing. His mental state has become a big issue over the last 48 hours. When he came in, he was loopy from the drugs and he did take a blow to the head BUT he was able to state his name/dob/etc and even give an accurate account of the accident. Over the last 48 hours he has not known where he is or who we are. He hallucinates non-stop and has very little to no grasp on reality. The doctors are telling us they think it's likely to be temporary psychosis and not perm brain damage caused from exhaustion/meds/no sleep/infection/ect being the perfect storm of causes to mess your head up. There is another brain scan tomorrow. Legal: We originally thought the driver that caused this accident was insured. They are not nor do they posses a valid drivers licence. Cody does have health insurance to pay hospital bills and has auto insurance to cover his bike. But at this point it is not likely he will "get paid" in any way for this accident. In fact, he will likely be in a facility up to 6 months and out of work up to a year with no income to pay his bills or take care of his 4 yr old daughter which he has sole custody of. So..... we are very much still in the woods at this point but do see light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much to all of you who have written/donated to his fund/and offered your thoughts and prayers. It is still not a good time yet for visitors but we will let you know when that day comes. Thanks for your support!