Choppahead...Check Em' Out!

The Nickel Peeper Pre-Unit...

We built this bike for our friend Marc, who loves and collects classic bikes and kustoms.  With this build we put a lot of time into building a kustom that looks like it could have been a stripped down factory bike from the 40's/50's. Basically there's a ton of custom, one-off shit on there that looks like it could have been factory. Classically balanced! 

Basically, Choppahead is a raw, low-down, grimy, greasy, dirtbaggy, unsavory clusterfuck of a shop that pulls off some pretty clean and class rides. We ride, and we build, back-to-basics old style chops and kustoms. We're renowned for our classic Triumphs, but build American as well. Choppahead is also on the forefront of the new contemporary (2001+) Triumph chopper scene - offering the first production hardtail frame available for new Triumphs.
The company was founded in 2000 by Big Truth, and in 2001 Jay signed on as a partner. Truth and Jay had befriended 15 years ago through the Massachusetts hardcore/punk scene (both were in bands), and they both bring that punk rawk DIY ethic over into the chopper industry. Gritty, Loud, Fast, Dangerous, and DIY through and through!