Words By: Matt Jackson (Vice Grip MC)

This is hard to do. Im sure if you're here you are aware of the incident in Waco last sunday. Three members of our club, Ryan, Jon, and Theron were detained, held handcuffed for 14 hours and eventually arrested and charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and are currently being held with bond set at 1 million dollars each. They are innocent and we need to get them out. 

We as a club have always done our best to take part in the motorcycle community. We help people every chance we get and i am certain some of you reading this can attest to that. If a motorcyclist is broke down on the side of the road, we stop to help whether we recognize them or not. If someone we know, or barely know needs help repairing their bike, we help them. Growing up all of us have experienced prejudice and judgement at some point and we as a group have always and will continue to do our best to destroy the misconception that bikers are criminals. The meeting we were attending, the confederation of clubs and indepents or "coc&i", is a very professional collection of people passionate about doing everything they can to improve motorcycle safety, rights, and legislation. State senators and representatives have attended these meetings. Well respected lawyers and lobbyists are regular speakers. It is not an excuse to party or cause trouble and we have and will continue to support the coc&i and encourage any motorcyclists, those in a club or not, to do so. What happened in Waco is a sickening tragedy. We all feel horrible that people have been killed and understand there needs to be an investigation. But simply grabbing every person who was there, nearly 200 people, and condemning them for an organized attack is wrong. We are confident the truth will come out, and all charges eventually dismissed, but in the meantime keeping innocent people locked up for something they had absolutely nothing to do with cannot be overlooked. 

We are sons, boyfriends, husbands, fathers taxpayers, brothers and while the waco police department might try and suggest that we are not outstanding members in our community, we are here now to say sorry sir, but you are wrong.

Legal representation is expensive and so are bail bondmen. Lost wages at work, travel expenses, and 26 dollar phone calls start to add up after a week or two as well. We have always donated to others when its been needed, and unfortunately now we do. We are having some shirts printed, they are for sale now just click HERE and we will be shipping as soon as we can, within a week or so. We also have a paypal account set up for anyone wishing to send donations. the account is

Thanks for listening,

Vise Grip MC