Chemical Candy X Bell Powersports

Bell Bullitt

Super stoked on the design I did for the guys over at Bell Powersports.
These two sets of colors on the Bullitt will be in stores sometime in 2016. As of now they have quit a few artist series Bullitt lids availible to choose from.
Thanks again to Bell Powersports for having me design the paint for such a classy helmet.

The company started in 1923 as Bell Auto Parts in Bell, California. It produced its first race car helmets in 1954. The Bell Helmet Company was formed as a division of Bell Auto Parts in 1956. It introduced a bicycle helmet in 1975. In 1980 the company was merged with Riddell to form Bell-Riddell Inc. In 1991, Bell-Riddell's motorcycle division was sold and became Bell Helmets, Inc. The remaining company was renamed Bell Sports, Inc. In 1999, the auto racing division was sold and split into two separate companies called Bell Racing Company (North America) and Bell Racing Europe (Europe, Asia and Africa). Bell Sports reacquired Bell Helmets in 2002, creating Bell Powersports. In 2005, it reacquired Bell Racing Company, and was itself merged into Easton-Bell Sports, Inc. in 2006. Bell Racing Europe remains an independent company, manufacturing motorsports helmets for applications including all-terrain vehicleskarting and Formula One. In June 2010 Bell Racing Europe acquired Bell Racing USA, reuniting the Auto Racing activity again under common ownership.

If you're looking for a custom three quarter helmet instead of a full face, check out the line of Bell Powersports custom 500 artist series helmets.