Lee Bullock Art


Lee's paintings are a form of watercolor.  You will find no pen or pencil marks, no guidelines.  He prefers to work much more fluid and play with lighting and details, while still incorporating a loose style.  

The sizes of these paintings can range in size.  Lee tends to paint the most at a 9x12 format for ease of shipping, and to make it more realistic for the masses to own original artwork.  For commissions, Lee can produce much larger works, per request.
To order commissioned pieces, all you must do is email him to get started.  If you are hiring Lee to produce an image of something of yours, a portrait, or something specific, He requires high resolution images emailed at the largest format you can.  The reason for this is, he needs to see the details of what he's  painting and poor quality images do not lend well for nicely detailed paintings.  Lee will only accept commissions if he feels the finished product is a painting that you are proud to own and show off to your friends and family.  He only wants the best quality for you.