Destrado USA

Hands down, the best pair of gloves you'll ever own. 

Constructed out of locally sourced buckskin leather and designed with a seamless palm for the ergonomics of riding, the Highwayman is the most comfortable glove you'll ever grip a throttle with. Buckskin leather is extremely durable yet remains pliable, allowing it to form to your hand and your riding style. 

The palm of each Highwayman is constructed out of a single piece of leather, creating a seamless design that is combined with a slightly elongated thumb to accommodate a comfortable, natural grip. Our Highwayman gloves are a true American product, utilizing only quality local hides and labor in their construction. This is not a generic hardware store glove but a purpose-crafted product that is designed to last. 

Each pair of Highwayman is handcrafted and individually finished before receiving the Destrado brand, giving them a distinct, road-worn character and finish that is enhanced with use.
Going Nowhere, but doing it with class.