Basket Case Magazine

Vice Grip MC

Issue Number Three is coming in hot! The boys from Texas give us a behind the scenes look into their daily lives and a glimpse into the clubhouse. Find out what its like to be the only true chopper club in Texas as well as hear straight from the source what REALLY happened in Waco Texas... 
Dirty Donny comes correct with his amazing artistic style. You will feel as if you just dropped 3 hits of acid after reading our artist feature in Issue #3! 
Holly Anderson takes us on an adventure with the Northern California crew as she blasts down the Golden Chain with the Deathtraps MC and links up with the Belden Town Crew. Good times were had! 
Scott Stocking has been riding his '53 panshov stroker for years around Santa Cruz, Ca. He finally let us catch up with him and we talked him into letting us handcuff our friend Ellie to it and shoot it for the builder feature! The bike and the babe are both top notch! 
Who better to grace the pages of issue #3 than the man himself, Mr. Ken Nagahara. He shared images from across the world with us and we are honored to have him on board. 
Josh Sheehan tells the tale of Northern California's infamous "Blue Dynamite" The history and style of this bike make it one for the history books. Plus, Josh's wife Rachelle decided she wanted to pose with the bike.....WOOOOOLF WHISTLE!