Orleans 1973

Workin' all night and day
Playin' the time away
I just wanna go home put my feet up and get stoned
Back and forth to New York
Somebody please pull the cork
If I gotta be there I just know I got to be stoned
Who can depend on a life on the road
Missin' your friends and havin' no home
I'm not complainin' just let it be knowed
That the best way to dig is to put on a load
Gettin' to sleep before dawn
Ain't somethin' you can count on for long
But when I gotta stay up I count on that cup to get stoned
Studio hours always leave you a mess
They don't give you no peace
They don't give you no rest
Heaven knows I love that sweet music to death
And when I'm dyin' from the hundredth take
I take out my very best bottle
And pour me a round
Things start to settle down
If you can't beat'em
Join 'em once and for all and get
Stoned, plowed, lord knows how
It makes it easy to get through it all