The Last Knife Fighter

Buddy Get My Knife

I spend my nights in a cage

I spend my whole life in a rage

I spend my money on the drugs, sex, and alcohol and mugs

Souvenirs of a broken life

Man, get my knife 

Buddy, get my knife


Son, right is left and left is right

Your mouth for words your ears for sight

Your hands for working with the land

Or working for the goddamn man

It’s your choice of pain or strife

Buddy, get my knife 

Man, get my knife

The full moon shine the wolf does howl

The rat ain’t friends with no damn out

The snake it rattles to its foes

And that snake’s at all my shows

And it’s trying to take my life

Buddy, get my knife on

Man, get my knife on

So if you're walking off the line

You’re gambling fast, you’re short on time

And if you’ve ever seen wrong righted by a blade that’s long

And you don’t want wrong in your life

Buddy, get your knife 

Buddy, get your knife 

Said get your knife 

You better get your knife